How To Look Boujee in Thrifts|Tips

As an average girl who can’t afford the kind of luxury she want yet, I still want to always ‘Pull up and Wreck’ anytime I want to step out.  I had to figure out ways to get around it. Thankful  for thrifting also know as Okrika, A girl figured ways to get around 😉 and I thought ‘Why don’t I create a boujee look out of it’.

Boujee in Thrifts Tips? Yes please!

  • Know what you want:

This is always my number one question I ask myself before I go to the market. ‘ What did I see on Instagram that I really like and want to buy? or What do I necessarily need to buy?.

 Questions like this keep you on a budget and also saves time because you already know what you want when you get to the market.

  • Look out for Look alike or good replica:

There is always a look alike of anything luxury, it doesn’t mean it’s fake, it’s only called HIGH STREET FASHION.   I love the belt bag trend especially the Gucci ones, knowing I can’t afford it yet, I went to Ajah market last Saturday looking for something close and I know I didn’t do bad.

Check it out

  • Bargain:

This is the ultimate jackpot. Don’t be scared to bargain with the seller. As much you to buy that item, the seller also wants to sell it.  But please be reasonable, let’s not be like our African mothers in the market. Lmao!!!

  • Put a look together:

There are two ways to this. When buying, I always put looks together in my head with the item I want to buy and what I have at home already.

Also, once I get home, I try out different options on how to style,(of course after I have washed it) It best to do this soon because the hype of buying new cloth will still be ‘sharking’ you. Lol!

  • SLAY:

Now is the time to go forth and kill them all!!!

What I am wearing:

Top: @shop.nandra 3,000 NGN

Skirt: Yaba market 1,500 NGN

Mini Purse: Ajah Market 1,500 NGN

Shoes: New Look Fashion

 Location: Rele Art Gallery

Do you have any thrifting tips? Do share below? Would love to read from you?

Thank you for reading.

Uchaychy X

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