Uchaychy x Nexx Chair| Collaboration

  Hey Guys,

Guess who did her first collaboration??? Yeah that’s right…..Me!!!!!!! I was super excited when I received a DM from Nexx Chair to collaborate with them.  It was a very fulfilling Saturday with the owner of Nexx Chair, Titilayo when shooting at Lekki Conservation  Centre, Lekki.

From been a behind the scene kinda girl to been a muse for a brand , having the wildest thoughts of monkeys attacking me like I see in Hollywood movies and literally having a monkey almost snatching my pineapple, I had a very wonderful experience shooting this collaboration, but hey, here is what you need to know about the brand I worked with, Nexx Chair.

 What is Nexx Chair?

 Nexx Chair is a  mobile makeup service based in Atlanta, but recently expanded to Lagos. Nexx Chair connects customers to makeup artist and also help mobile makeup artist better manage their businesses within the Nexx Chair app.

Benefits of Nexx Chair

  • Build a beauty brand workshop

  • Book a Nexx Chair makeup service

  • Browse through the Nexx Chair beauty blog for beauty tips and inspiration

  • Apply to Lagos Nexx Chair beauty Team

  • Apply to Atlanta Nexx Chair beauty team

  • Join Nexx Chair user experience group

Why you need Nexx Chair?

 If you don’t live under a rock in Lagos, Nigeria, you would know that makeup is a necessity for most ‘SLAY’. You don’t have to break your account to get that BM Pro face beat or Jide of St Ola’s face beat when you can go on the Nexx Chair app and get a good makeup artist you bank account can carry.

 Also it doesn’t hurt to try out a new makeup artist for that owambe party you have coming up soon you. A little adventure doesn’t hurt sometimes.


Who needs the Nexx Chair?

Makeup as an art has evolved  in our time. As much as there are many makeup studios out there not everyone can afford to rent a physical space. If you are an upcoming makeup artist, student makeup artist or makeup is your second hustle, you can sign you to the Nexx Chair community to connect with your customers and various minds like you.


What I loved about this collaboration?

 Asides that Nexx Chair would always have a special spot in my heart as my first collaboration, working with the founder of Nexx chair made me see how one is so passionate about been a problem solver in the society. Nexx Chair helps to bridge the gap between customers who want new makeup artist and makeup artist who want new customers.


 For more about Nexx Chair; visit their social media page on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @Nexxchair or send an email to info@nexxchair.com


Makeup by @darkened_mer for @nexxchair

Photography: @tfunsophotos for @nexxchair

Location: Lekki Conservation Centre

Outfit: My wardrobe basics

What do you think about my first collaboration? Do share below in the comment section, I would love to read from you.

Thank you for reading.

Uchaychy X

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