Wix Vs WordPress: Why I moved ?

Starting a blog is the easiest thing to do but knowing the exact platform to host your blog or website is a very tricky game.

The most recommended platform to use is always WordPress but when I decided to start my blog I refused to use WordPress because I wanted to step out of the comfort zone and try out others and by far the next to WordPress was Wix.

Asides from the very eye catchy ads Wix did on Youtube, I decided to use Wix because of the drag and drop feature and WordPress seemed complicated to me then. I already had a WordPress blog I never shared because I didn’t like what it looked like.

Here are five things I would like to compare Wix and WordPress with;

  •  Google SEO: WordPress owns about 40% of the web and makes it easy for your blog to be found by others especially by people who also use WordPress . On the other hand, Wix has it’s own SEO but I have read a couple of times that Google SEO doesn’t support a Wix website. Also when I first published my Wix site, I had issues seeing it on Google search. Yes, I know it wouldn’t come up instantly but I put important keywords and nothing showed.

  •  Visual Setup: One thing that keeps people glue to a site is the visual setup of the website or blog. Wix has the drag and drop feature which allows one to design their website anyhow they deem it fit. I mean anyhow. You can either start from the scratch or select from the numerous templates then adjust it to your taste. WordPress has a whole bunch of themes to select from but what the theme has that’s what you getting you can’t edit. Here I prefer Wix to WordPress.

Check out my Wix site vs WordPress site home page:

Uchaychy, Wixisite


Uchaychy, WordPress


Good design encourages a viewer to want to learn more- Alexander Isley


  • Comment: After months of working on my Wix website, I realised that one couldn’t drop a comment on my blogpost until I had to add a comment app to my website. The comment app limited comments on my blog to 10 comments, unless I upgraded  and I asked myself “why I would pay for a comment app when I haven’t bought a domain name”.  WordPress on the other hand makes it easy for one to leave a comment on your blogpost with zero stress.
  • Mobile App: As I am no tech person, I cannot exactly give details on app coding and other gibberish tech people talk about app, Lol. One thing I am sure about is that the WordPress Mobile App is more convenient  than Wix Mobile App. I can track my blog progress such as site visits, regulate comment and see who follows on the WordPress Mobile App but I couldn’t do such on the Wix Mobile App. I could only see my site visits only when I log in from my laptop. The Wix Mobile App allows me to know when someone is on my blog and chat with them if I want to, which I found cool.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is a very important aspect of digital marketing. Both WordPress and Wix sends out emails to your mailing list once you publish a new post. I must say I totally prefer the email Wix sends out than WordPress. On the other hand, when it comes to Newsletter blast, I think Wix is better because of its drag and drop feature. Imagine sending out a newsletter like that of Net- A- Porter because Wix drag and drop feature allows you to create that newsletter you always envision.

See newsletter created and sent via Wix below;

Image via @StyleMeAfrica

My Final Conclusion

If you are a blogger or you own a News & Entertainment website etc, I think WordPress is your guy.

Here are blogs created on WordPress that I love,

Demi Akin: DemiAkin.com

DrapedinBasics : DrapedinBasics.com

However if you need a website for your portfolio maybe you are a model, photographer or public figure etc, I can assure you Wix is your guy. It literally allows you to create a stunning website but I don’t like the Ad Wix shows on a free domain site.

Here are sites created on Wix that I love,

SMA Online Co. : Smaonline.co

Karlie Kloss: KarlieKloss.com.

That’s all I can say about Wix Vs WordPress for now and why I moved from Wix to WordPress.

Have you tried Wix or WordPress, What are your thoughts? Do share in the comment.

Thank you for reading.

Uchaychy X.

12 thoughts on “Wix Vs WordPress: Why I moved ?

  1. Thanks for the blog mention hun! xoxo

    I’m actually a massive fan of WordPress and recommend it to every and anyone. I feel it’s super easy to use and like you mentioned, they have great designs.

    A lot of people don’t know this but I’m actually not self hosted on WordPress (still use WordPress.com but I paid for my domain and extra features) and this makes it so easy to balance my blog and work life because WordPress does most of the management aspect for me!

    So let me officially welcome you to the WordPress family. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time on the platform ^_^


  2. Honestly, I’m glad you made the move. One thing that makes WordPress amazing, especially the .com, is the fact that it is a community. It is way easier to be found by others and to find other blogs. Commenting is much easier, and it just gives off this whole amazing community vibe! It’s the best place to start off, especially since it features the WordPress Reader.

    I was meaning to check your blog while you were on Wix but I was a bit ‘meh’ but once I saw WordPress I clicked immediately lol. Welcome to WordPress, hope you enjoy your stay! It sucks we can’t edit our theme as much as we want (self-hosting is awesome though I am waiting for the day I can get a custom or professional/premium theme) but I guess there are more benefits than disadvantages, right?

    Welcome again! Love your IG feed, off to read the remaining posts!


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  3. Really great points about Wix vs WordPress. Wix isn’t really a free product unless you want it as a Geocities or similar website. When you start telling people that they charge for using your own domain name, Google Analytics, and everything else it stops sounding like such a good deal.

    I have had some success with SEO clients on Wix, but it’s not as easy as WordPress.com or a self-hosted WordPress site, but it is possible.


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