Dress up in Debs by Debby

Hey Guys,

Welcome to a new week and my blog. Today’s look would be easy and fun as I’d be sharing images from my dress up look in my cute dress from Debs by Debby .

Some days we just want to put on our favorite dress and take pictures, that’s exactly the inspiration behind this post. I would also be sharing 3 tips on how to buy & rock Anakara.

Lets get in:

Bright & Colorful

Firstly always look out for something bright and colorful. Anakara can be very tricky sometimes because if you just buy any, it may look like your mother’s meeting wrapper or maybe just that special wrapper your mother gave you. Rule 1, stick to a bright and colorful fabric.

Uchaychy, Debs by Debby, Anakara Fashion, African Fashion


Avoid getting a fabric every fashion page on Facebook and Instagram use to make an outfit. It only makes your outfit look like a clone even if it’s a different style.

Uchaychy, Debs by Debby, African Fashion, Anakara Fashion

Picking The Right Style:

This is real deal. Not all fabrics are to be used for any kind of style. The style to make is mostly determine by the pattern on the fabric which you should look out for. You need to do this yourself because not all tailors or dress makers have the intellectual to figure out the right style for a fabric. Some just want to make outfits and get paid.

Now check out my dress made by Debs by Debby. The fabric is colorful and to avoid many complications, Debby decided to stick to a simple but yet elegant look. Note how the stoning gives it an extra lift.

Uchaychy, African Fashion, Debs by Debby, Anakara fashion

Uchaychy, Debs by Debby, Anakara Fashion, African fashion

What I am wearing


Shoe: @asos

Purse: @minisong

Earrings: Thrifted

That’s all for my Dress up with Debs by Debby and how to buy and rock anakara.

What do you think about this look? Do share below.

Thank you for reading.

Uchaychy X.

3 thoughts on “Dress up in Debs by Debby

  1. You look absolutely gorgeous! I’m so in love with this print, I will keep this photo until I find it myself lol! It’s the right balance of tropical yet colorful, I just wonder how much it will be since it is so fine. I loved the way you paired the clutch and the shoes with this outfit, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Nice post, keep doing your thing girl! As someone who deals with Ankara, I definitely agree with your points – can’t just pick any style, that is why I spend so much time deciding on what to sew with my fabrics. I also agree as to the uniqueness but then I love vintage Ankara prints more. As for the bright colors, I’m with you only 50% on that one because I’m more attracted to dark red and yellow fabrics with black mixed in, dark greens etc. However, the fabric of this dress took my heart!


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