9-5 Creative; The Life and Struggle.

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If you are a Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketer, Content Creator, Blogger, Model, Photographer and anything that involves the new media, you definitely can relate to this post. Most people misinterpret what we do for fun or play, some even consider it as ‘Living La Vida Loca’.

As a creative, there are certain struggle and lifestyle people would never understand. For me here are my struggles as a creative:

  • The ‘What do you do’ question:

For the longest time, my father thought I was jobless and I’m sure a part of him still thinks so. I get a brain freeze when people who don’t understand the impact of new media want to engage me on career. It’s not a shoulder pad thing here but why should you engage with people who just want to dish out negative energy. There are actually  people who don’t understand my kind of job but are eager to know what’s all about.

uchaychy, plaid,

  • The ‘Is this how you dress to work’ question:

Millennials like myself just want to work and not dress. People barely understand this. I get that your appearance matters but there is a whole new level of dressing to work and you if don’t understand it, don’t speak wrong about the person dressing that way.

Uchaychy, plaid, 9-5 creative

  • The ‘Why are you always on your phone’ question:

Lol okay, we all know who asks this questions. Our parents, and any little mistake you do, there is always a reference back to you been on your phone all the time.

uchaychy, plaid,

  • The photo shoot molestation:

The fact that Nigerian take the next man’s business as their business makes it difficult to take pictures on the street of Lagos. People would definitely find ways to make you uncomfortable but you have to keep your head high.

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  • How do I get plenty traffic and followers: 

When I introduce myself to people as a digital marketer or strategist, the first thing they ask is how they can get instant traffic and followers. To whom it may concern, the power of staying at the top in this new media age is by create relevant content and growing “organic followers”. It definitely will take awhile but it won’t last forever.  Believe me when I say people can see through the filters and edits, hence content has to be real and original.

Uchaychy, Plaid, sneakers

So yeah, these are the basic challenges I face as a creative from humans and not even talking about the challenges the universe sends my way but one thing I learn everyday is that people will get to understand you once you make value out of what you do and the only way to make that value is by been consistent and true to yourself. I mean don’t listen to people, listen to your art.

What I am wearing:

Dress: Thrifted (Lagos Island)

Jacket: Thrifted from my cousin’s closet.

Sneakers: Atmosphere

Purse: Parting gift from Chee

As a creative, what challenges do you face and how do you deal with it? Do share below in the comment section, would  love to read from you?

Thank you for reading.

Uchaychy X .

9 thoughts on “9-5 Creative; The Life and Struggle.

  1. They are plenty tho…..especially the why are you always on your phone question and lately how much do you even get paid is now part of it


  2. Lol although I’m not necessarily a 9-5 creative I can totally relate, Nigerians are not about the “minding your business life” and these new age jobs are still a surprise to most of us but I believe with time, they’d come to terms with it, especially our parents.


  3. I can totally relate to this ,although I’m not a 9-5 creative but my mum always makes me feel like I’m wasting my time anytime i try to share an idea with her.


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