My Lens 101: How To Take Good Pictures

Hey Guys,

Welcome to another edition of my Lens. It’s been a while due to certain set back from my phone camera but my phone camera is fixed and guess who has a new camera?☺️ Me!!

I received quite a lot of questions about how I take my pictures and I’d be lying if I say it just comes. Okay, Let’s get in to the basic rules I keep to when taking pictures. I’d be sharing how I took and edit the images in this blog post.

  • The Alpha Rule: Wipe your camera lens. Nobody wants a blurry picture.

Uchaychy, bae beach, how to take good pictures, My Lens 101

EDIT :There wasn’t much work here. I saw our feet on the beach with the foamy water, I took a picture. For the edits, I used VSCO A6 filter: intensity +12.0 then I went over to tools, used grain at intensity +7.8

  • Have an eye for good things: You have to open your eyes to spot the beautiful things and people around you.

Uchaychy, Lagos, Bar beach, Eko Atlantic City, How to take good pictures, My Lens, Visual photography

EDIT: I took this picture on insta story, I can’t remember the exact filter I used but I am guessing I used the New York filter on Insta Story.

  • Have a mood board: You necessarily don’t have to have a physical or digital mood board but you can have a mental one. This is where you have to pickle the visual side of your brains. Get ideas from amazing pictures you have seen and recreate. Try not to copy!

Uchaychy, Sir Carlton, Bar beach, Lagos, Visual Photography, How to take good picture

EDIT: My friend (Chidi) already had a vision of how he wanted this picture to look and he told me. I edited it in VSCO using A6 filter, intensity +12.0 and grain intensity +7.8.

  • Clean: Have a niche for clean pictures. You don’t need the most expensive camera to take clean pictures. Clean pictures are next to real pictures.

Uchaychy, Bar beach, Lekki beach, How to take good pictures, Visual photography

  • Angle: Before, I take a picture of someone or something, I ask myself what angle flaunts the person’s or thing’s beauty. Don’t just take a picture from the front with your camera opposite your face, take your hands down a bit and explore the angles and if the person you are taking is your Gee, make an extra effort to squat and take that bomb picture.Uchaychy, thisthingcalledfashionn, Visual photography, Braids, tropical inspiration, Lagos Nigeria

EDIT: Nonye of @thisthingcalledfashionn edited this image. We just wanted to show off Nonye’s new braids in a tropical corner of my compound. This wasn’t planned but in the process of taking the picture I saw the added advantage of the leaves. I achieved this depth of field by focusing on the leaves hence the camera blurs her.

  • Lighting: If there is no proper lighting just forget it, don’t take the picture. Take it another day! Natural light is the best source of lighting, utilize this to its maximum. Ever since I started paying attention to my pictures I have never taken a serious picture I want to put on the blog or Instagram in the dark. I don’t regret this!

Uchaychy, Lekki beach, Visual photography, How To Take Good Pictures

  • Play with your camera: I am sure most people don’t know you can increase and reduce the exposure of your picture from your phone before you take a picture. All people do is just click, check all those tools and if you find it difficult just go to YouTube and check ‘ How to take picture with *insert the type of phone you use* you will be amazed at what you will find.Uchaychy, Beard Gang, Sir Carlton, Visual Photography
  • Editing: Yes Editing ….. Everyone edits but when you go over board with editing it makes it look unreal. As a beginner, (I still consider myself one) my holy grail app is VSCO sometimes FaceTune. I have tried to used Lightroom and Snap seed but for some weird reason I couldn’t just understand the apps .The presets and tools of VSCO are really amazing and easy, you just need time to figure it.

Uchaychy, Sunset on the beach, Visual Photography, Lekki Beach, Lagos Nigeria

EDIT: Okay, I’d already had an idea of the kind of picture I wanted on the beach when the sun is setting. I had my friend take a picture of me against the sun and I used the A6 filter: intensity +11.0 , then I went over to tools, used vignette: intensity +6.4 and voila! Note: I already had an idea in my head the filter did little work to bring it to life.

These are the basic rules I keep to when taking my pictures. I have understood the type of pictures I want and I apply these rules to it. Allow yourself to discover the art you love, and make magic out of it!!

What rules would you be applying from now when taking your pictures or Do you have rules you abide by already?

Do share below.

Thank you reading.

Uchaychy x.

16 thoughts on “My Lens 101: How To Take Good Pictures

  1. Whew, this is actually very insightful I am one of those people who just turn on the camera (phone) and click. By the way what camera do you use I am trying to make a decision on getting one? Your pictures are Lit! Great Job.


  2. I like how you sound in my mind’s ear. Could be because of the pictures, so I imagine a calm and soft tone of voice. I have been “photographing” mindfully for about 3 month’s now and I can relate to the light and angle effects on pictures. Will look up the youtube tip because the phone only automatically does depth of field. Would need to maximise this tip.
    Thanks again.


  3. Beautiful post! VSCO is really good but I’m surprised you don’t find snap seed friendly, it’s super easy and one of the best editing phone apps, try it. You take bomb ass pictures btw, go girl.


      1. Yes I religiously use Snapseed as well. Facetune ruins picture quality after 3-4 effects but it’s really nice for clean background effect. Your pictures are really good!

        Liked by 1 person

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