A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Chic Style

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I always get excited when I have somewhere fun to go but the process of figuring out what to wear almost kills my vibe. As much as one loves fashion, I still feel some sort of laziness sometimes when I have to dress up. When I find myself at such point, having not to care about what I put on, I still want to achieve simplicity in my look of course in a chic way.

Currently listening to T-pain’s playlist on YouTube. img_3349_facetune_25-03-2018-22-54-36

Colors Selection:  Choose minimal colors and try one tone.You can also use the regular mix and match colors like grey, white and black. Here I tried a pastel pink, blush or rose gold tone (pardon me, I am the worst at colors). What color is this to you? Share in the comment.img_3351_facetune_25-03-2018-23-05-02

Add Heels: Try on some heels. Heels make everything look better.chic style, fashion, uchaychy

Accessorize: A statement piece would never hurt. Statement necklace, earrings or bracelets always add the pop of chic to an outfit.uchaychy, pastel, lazy girls guide to chic style, fashion blogger


Pick a Trend:  One thing constant in the fashion world is trends and they can last for the longest time one can imagine. Some trends are here to stay like mules, funny thing is that I saw my mom’s old mules when I went home for the Easter break and I was in love with them compare to few years ago.uchaychy, mules, boohoo, rose gold, lazy girls guide to chic style


A Dose of You:  Yes, baby girl, you are the last and most important ingredient to make the  magic work so get on it girl.img_3353_facetune_26-03-2018-02-20-14


Top: Atmosphere  (Got from my sister’s closet)

Culottes: Asos  (Got from my sister’s closet)

Mules: Boohoo

Necklace: Thrift

Bracelet: Mr price Ng

Shades:  Aciertofits

That’s all the tips I got for now for a lazy girl’s guide to chic style.

Do share your opinion in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.

Uchaychy x

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