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Dear Blogger/ Content Creator,

Content creating is so far the most intriguing thing I discovered. I get excited when I want to create content because it’s so fun. You don’t need to dress up for a shoot before you create content. It doesn’t have to be ‘I haven’t done a shoot so I don’t have any content to share’. How then do you create content?

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  • Dress Up Don’t Dress Up: Dress up don’t dress up is something I do whenever I want to step and don’t want to be all glam. In this case, things like your shoes, sunglasses, nails, bag, hair is all that matters. Check @TheSvnFlower Notice how she never really dresses up but always slay!!!
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  • Location: Get a nice spot and work the angles.
  • Be Creative & Add A Prop: Let’s say you are at the coffee shop, a shot of you while having coffee or reading newspaper/magazine would be a great picture.
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  • Get Your Pose Right: As funny as this may sound, you just have to get your pose right and ready because you never know if you are allowed to take pictures there or perhaps, it’s a stranger that’s taking your picture, so be fast about it and nail the pose😂 A friend of mine advised me to always learn how to pose when I have nothing to do.
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Easy Ways to create content
  • Now you have got that great content,relax and think through what you want to do with the content because one could get over whelmed with so much great content. Edit it and post it across your social media platforms. Be sure to make it engaging through your captions. I.e. Ask a trendy question, share a tip or even purge about something, people would engage.
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Now go forth and make magic 🧚🏾‍♀️

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Uchaychy x

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