Summer Body Cheat: A Lazy Girl’s Guide

Uchaychy at Tarkwa Bay

If you didn’t achieve your summer body goals this 2018, this post is just for you. Remember your 2018 resolution where you promised to hit the gym and eat right before summer comes, Well think about what, summer has been here and almost over and despite everything we have our fat midsection. Lol! Better believe it, you aren’t the only one, recount to me about the story of my life…

You probably have a beach party/ boat cruise coming soon or you simply need to kill for the gram and you don’t comprehend what to do, here is my late summer cheat for my fellow lazy sisters.

Summer pictures at Tarkwa Bay with Coconut

  • Wear a long weave: A long weave will dependably help divert the attention of your belly or out of shape arms.

Uchaychy at Tarkwa Bay

  • High Waist Bikini/Shorts: You don’t anyone see your afor rubber after that extraordinary barbecue.  I believe my picture below is a perfect visual representation, I added a few.


  • Get your angles right: Dear fat sister, ( Lol, see what I did there?) You can’t take a regular picture, well technically you can just find the angles that won’t show your flabby arms or tummy.

Relationship goals at the beach

  • Get a cover-up: A cover-up is always a great idea to hide your not so summer body. I’d prescribe a transparent cover-up to show off some skin. Okay, I forgot my cover-up at home but yeah you get.

Uchaychy at Tarkwa Bay


If you are still wondering why I wrote this post late, its rather late than never to share a gem. How has your summer being and what new thing did you dicover? Lets talk in the comment it’s been awhile.

Thank you for reading.

Uchaychy x

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