The Trick To Great Blogging Photography|Tips

uchaychy, lagos island, fashion blogger

uchaychy, lagos island, fashion blogger

Outfit Details: YUTE Pants: Fola Francis, White Shirt: Thrift,  Sweater: Thrift,  Shoes: Zara, Sunglasses: Thrift, Location: Lagos Island, Lagos Nigeria. 

As a blogger, one major challenge I experience is taking pictures for my blog. Discovering time to take pictures in the midst of my bustling calendar can be extremely troublesome yet when the occasions come I attempt my best to pull through with the best pictures I can and here are some tips you too can try when next you are taking pictures for your blog.

  • Planning: As serious as this may sound, it’s important you plan when you want to take pictures for your blog. It helps makes things fast and you should try it too.

My coffee Lagos, Cathedral church of Christ

  • Location: Where you will take these pictures matter a lot. Its a norm for me to always look out for possible location to take pictures for my blog. I legit have a thousand and one location in my head and when I can, I will utilise these locations.  The Trick To Blogging Photography
  • Find an inspiration: This is the best part for me. Every content I create comes from an inspiration. A blogger or someone definitely inspires every shoot I do, I got the newspaper and coffee concept from Demi of and Pinterest did the rest.

blogging photography, lagos Island

  • The Pose: A wise blogger friend once told me to always practice my best pose in my bedroom. This helps to get the right pose with the right outfit. Lol! Its just Nonye of  no wise one.

The Trick To Blogging Photography

  • Get a Friend: That one friend that will always squat and go low to get that right angle. That’s all you need, so don’t fight with that friend, treat them right.


Thank you for reading.

Uchaychy x.


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