Tinkering at South With The Digital Tinker

Hey Guys,

You know how they say The best things in life are definitely the ones we enjoy doing most with no stress! Well that was me yesterday when Tinkering at South happened.

If you follow me Instagram, you will know @TheDigitalTinker is one platform I love saying on my page. TDT was founded by my very good friend Tutu. Her idea was to share amazing apps and tips to help brand and individual stunt on the streets on Instagram like the popular influencers that never share.

As a Friend of Tutu, a content creator and contributor to the The Digital Tinker, TDT is always a community I share & gain knowledge as a creator. Here’s how yesterday’s interactive class “Tinkering at South” went!

I had the pleasure to take the Tinkers on Social Media Goal Planning 2019

The Digital Tinker Tinkering at south, The Digital Tinker,

Tinkering at South, The Digital Tinker

Tutu took the class through Building your Instagram aesthetics, creative Instagram stories , visual content creation and monetizing your content !

I also took the class on ” How To use Adobe Lightroom Mobile” If you want to learn about this, Sign Up to my newsletter HERE, will be sending out tutorials soon.

Here are few images created and edited in Lightroom

The Digital Tinker, Food Photography, South Social, South Social Eatery, The Digital Tinker, Uchaychy


Two Piece from @Iwade.Brand

The Digital Tinker, Lightroom, Uchaychy, Iwade Brand Tinkering at South, The Digital Tinker, South Social Eatery

Girls in Media , Girls who code, Digital Marketing

Check The Digital Tinker for more about the event and follow them on Instagram Here!

The Digital Tinker, Uchaychy, Social Media Tips


Download My Free Instagram Story Templates Here!

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