5 Things To Consider In Charging For Social Media Management

If you have found yourself in the digital space as a content creator, blogger or social media manager etc, brands often approach you to manage their social media pages. This is a great source of income whether side or main. However I noticed some young creators like myself struggle with how to bill our clients and it’s okay because this is a new industry.

I remember reading a research that said 9 out of 10 jobs millennials have now never existed 10 years ago so it’s okay that we are confused on how to bill our clients. I have been in this creative space since 2016, I’ve worked as a intern for The Style Concierge, A Sales & Marketing Associate for StyleMeAfrica and Social Media Manager at SCHICK Magazine. Whilst working at these places I had social media management as a side hustle for me until now its a full time business for me. Here are things I always consider before I charge or take on a new social media management job.

  • Brand Alignment: This may seem like a joke because people say we should work to get money regardless of the job but I tell you its different for social media management and content creation. If you  don’t have any passion/interest for that brand or what they stand for, i suggest you decline the job or re-strategize your pricing. For example, I have managed the social media account of a nail polish brand not because the money was good but because I love the brand and I love to get my nails done hence content creation wasn’t much of a problem for me.
  • Deliverables: Once you have decided you can take on the job, you then have to think of how many post you can deliver daily & weekly. My deliverables usually contains number of posts per week, number of Instagram stories, analytic report, social designs, email marketing & content creation and any complimentary service etc This will be a guide for both party so you don’t feel over worked or they feel under served.
  • Work Capacity: You have to consider the work ethnics and capacity of  the brand and yourself. Some brand owners expect you to come into the office daily, twice or once a week. Is it a full time job? Do they want you to come just once a week? or Twice a month? all these will definitely play a part to your billing.
  • Your service: Lol! My best part, because its a new industry most people want content creators & social media managers to do everything. There are so many services in the digital media space. I personally highlight my skills in my rate card and charge per skills. i.e. Content creation for Instagram stories (pictures videos & graphics) ,content creation for Instagram landing ( which includes pictures, videos & graphics, Instagram story templates,  creation of newsletter, graphic designs & creation etc If the clients then wants social media management, all these services of mine will be included and the budget will be set.

A sample of my rate kit

  • Clear Picture of Your Value: As a content creator or social media manager, you should let the brand understand the value you are bringing to the table. I personally take pride in letting know brands know what I will be providing quality content compared to what they already or added to what they have. Another example, if you hire The Digital Tinker for social media management, She will let you know how she will level up your Instagram with application. PERIOD!

Additionally, people keep asking me how they can actually bill people for social media management, I will be going live tomorrow by 6 pm to explain more about this. Follow me @uchaychy and turn on my post notification for it.

Got any question or suggestions about what to consider before charging for social media, please share in the comment section.

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