How To Get Clients For Social Media Management & Content Creation

Hello Everyone!

I know… It’s been awhile and I can’t explain why and why not but I’m here. If you follow me on Instagram @uchaychy, you will notice I share my opinion about social media management and content creation on there with Instagram Live. I noticed it disappears after 24 hrs and sometimes not everyone gets to join and for reference purpose, this blog post.

Expect you live under a rock, you should know how lucrative being a content creator in the digital space is. There are so many opportunities that spring up almost everyday. Social Media Management is one of them but the question I often get is how to go about getting client for this job. It’s a bit difficult especially when the market is saturated with people calling themselves Digital Marketers and ripping small brands off in the name of social media management etc but here are a few tips you can use to keep/get clients.

  • Current Client Referrals: You know the proverb that says ‘A bird at hand is worth 2 in the bush’ ? Yes, it makes a whole lot of sense here. Your current client is the door to your next client. Offer discounts or free services to your current clients for every referrals they send your way or testimonials they give. Everyone loves free/discounted things. They will reciprocate.
  • Become an Authority: FACTS…People don’t know the things you know. Share your knowledge! You might think everyone should know it because I mean there are a thousand and one information about that on the internet but guess what? people actually don’t know it. People hardly research things. At least share your knowledge for DIY business owners. When you consistently do this, people will see you as a pro at your field and once they need your services, they will come find the pro. PERIODT!
  • Outsourcing/Freelance Sites: There aren’t much of these out there but if you happen to find a good one, you should list your business and services on it because you never know who is searching and you just might get found by your next client.
  • Set Up Your Business on LinkedIn: Every young creators’ dream is to get that great corporate job, LinkedIn is the professionals social network. Get on it and start connecting with your next potential client.
  • Social Media + Facebook Group: I saved the best for the last. If you were interested in the post from headline, then you should know how important social media is. Follow community-oriented pages on Instagram or Facebook that share job opens or puts their own out there. This will allow you connect with like-minds like you and if they happen to know anyone in need of your services, they refer you.

Armed with these tips, I now proclaim you ready to go out there and get all those clients and the schmoney! Got something to add or ask, please feel free to share in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading.

Uchaychy, x

2 thoughts on “How To Get Clients For Social Media Management & Content Creation

    1. Thank you for reading. I dont think you need any amount of followers or engagement. You only need to put your work out there and if a client loves your work, they will definetly come find you.


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