Hi Guys,

It’s been the longest of all time. I sincerely apologies, life happened and my blog had to take a break for other things to progress.

As a creative, one of my goals is to help other creatives in need of help to find their way around the business of social media management & content creation. It all started a while back when I hosted an Instagram live session about ‘How To Charge Brands For Social Media Management & Content Creation” ever since individuals come to me for advice to help make this business easier for them.

This week, I will be commencing consulting services for any social media manager or content creator in need of someone to talk to or give guidance about this business. Are you need someone to put you through Building a social media management & content creation business, Finding your niche services as a creator or Developing a pricing strategy for your clients etc? This consultation is something you should consider.

I will be offering free consultation services for the first two days (20th – 21st August) however, after then, I will be charging ₦5,000/$15 per hour for this consultation.

Want to reserve a slot for this? Click HERE

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